Sanibel's top game fish

For a number of reasons, snook are Sanibel Island's number one game fish for fly rodders. These powerful, gleaming silver fish battle as hard as striped bass and jump like steelhead. There is good snook fishing throughout most of the year, the exception being during the area's usually brief winter cold snaps. 

The absolute best time to fish for snook is during the warm months, May through October, when they migrate from their winter havens in the mangrove estuaries out to the island's twelve miles of Gulf of Mexico shoreline to spawn. If weather and wind conditions are right the waters along the Gulf shoreline become crystal clear, making it possible to see hundreds of snook a day. Because keeping and killing snook is prohibited during May, June, July, and August, summertime is a catch-and-release nirvana for fly fishers.


A bruiser redfish from Pine Island Sound.

The waters around Sanibel are one of the world's richest spotted seatrout fisheries.

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